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Bali’s mass killings of 1965, or why I don’t like surfing the East coast — what happened exactly anyhow? Part 4 (and last)

Bali and Indo Surf Stories

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The Communist Party of Indonesia, or the PKI, put considerable effort into the political indoctrination of the armed forces. To this end, the PKI created a secret agency called the Biro Khusus, or the Special Bureau, whose existence wasn’t known until after the events of Gestapu (whether it actually existed in the nefarious shape that the triumphant nationalists unveiled is another one of the bones of contention). But by many accounts, Special Bureau was tasked with infiltration and covert enlistment of military units to the Communist cause. The PKI had success with the navy and air force, but the army generalship was staunchly nationalist. They had the guns, and men with guns aren’t real good with sharing them. With support from Marshal Omar Dhani, commander of the air force, Special Bureau (so one version of the story goes) planned the elimination of the top army generals. Their main target was…

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