mysophobia 潔癖

Nastiness Diagnosis. Anthropology. Religion. Gender. Justice. A Personal Notepad For the General Public.

About Mysophobia

This is a public notebook of an anthropologist who is interested in cross-religious encounters, multi-linguistic performances, religious feminism, late Pentecostalism, Islamic civilizations, and the socio-cultural construction of gender, sexuality, and the body.

*The world is really much more fascinating than we can imagine.  We only have to explore. 世界比我們想像中還要驚艷,我們所需要的只是去探險。Dunia lebih dahsyat daripada yang kita bayangkan. Kita hanya harus jalan-jalan terus. Carikanlah kekuasaanmu. Le monde est beaucoup plus fasicnant que ce que nous pouvons imaginer.  Nous avons juste besoin d’explorer. Trouvez la force en soi!


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