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光用性解放的程度來衡量女性解放的程度,完全忽視了政經剝削是個更嚴重的問題,讓貧窮的人的選擇更少。 以下摘要來自Amitov Gosh與馮內果。 落難王爺尼珥(Raja Neel Rattan Halder),與英國商人勃南(Mr Burnham)的餐桌對話。 「一手刀劍,一手聖經,祭龕上供奉的是自由貿易的上帝。」   Advertisements

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He is the Way. Follow Him through the Land of Unlikeness; You will see rare beasts, and have unique adventures. He is the Life. Love Him in the World of … Continue reading

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Report from Bethlehem: An American moment

Many of us worked for so many years for a two-state solution.  But the two-state solution is dead, completely dead, and the Israelis have killed it.  Our message — especially … Continue reading

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The literary analysis of Psalm 23 In verse four the writer becomes inconsistent with his pronoun for God and changes it from “he”, to “you”. David stops talking about God and starts talking to God. … Continue reading

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AOG TERDAHSYAT – Mawar Sharon Youth

Originally posted on GMS – True Worshippers:
Jangan Lewatkan! Spesial Ibadah Ulang Tahun AOG yang ke-2, AOG Terdahsyat! AOG Pelajar, Sabtu, 24 Maret 2012, pk 16.00 WIB AOG Pemuda, Minggu,…

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Mawar Sharon + Good Friday

GMS 也有Good Friday,而且是四場禮拜。Ritual Events + diaspora cosmpolitanism+minority ambition + supernatural healing + Online Technology  本土領袖造神運動 Saksikan ibadah spesial “Jumat Agung” bersama Pdt. Caleb Natanielliem, @7 am, 10 am, 5 pm, … Continue reading

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Transnational Networks of Pentecostal Indonesian Pastors

SKGI (Seminar Kesatuan Gereja Internasional) Tanggal 24 – 27 Juli 2012 Di Graha Bethany Nginden, Jln. Nginden Intan Timur I/29 – Surabaya.

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The Spirit Bade Me Go: Pentecostalism and Global Religion by Poloma

One of the reasons Western scholars have not been particularly aware of the rapid, if unobtrusive, growth of Pentecostalism is that, despite its mostly American origins, it is largely a … Continue reading

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notes on GBI history

Hanya Oleh AnugerahEditor: Pdt. Ferry H.A. Lembong, SThp131prinsip agama berarti berkorban 重視犧牲的精神

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我出生在虔誠的台灣基督教家庭,父母雙方兩邊都是基督徒,根據我外婆的記憶我們家族至少到我是第七代基督徒。我從小就會背台語的主禱文還有詩篇有名的章 節,以及許多聖經章節中被後人節選的金句。我在台灣長老教會中長大,台灣長老教會在台灣中南部有很強的台灣意識,所以人們常常在以色列被壓迫、出埃及記等 等掙扎中看到台灣苦情的影子。

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印尼全國與中爪哇基督徒比率統計 + 印尼華人認同

In 1971, 0.9 per cent of the Indonesian population were Buddhists; 0.8 Confucians. Between 1979 -1998 C was derecognized and the assimilation policy was intensified. The 2000 Census: Buddhists constituted … Continue reading

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Rooting Christianity in Islamic Java: The historical procession

the long view of 1300 years of competition in the arena of History…Very large areas of the world, notably in North Africa and the Near East, have swung from Christian … Continue reading

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Language shift in Indigenous church in Java

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How many people can speak in tongues?

Pew foundation 10-country survey.

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