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Henna Mania

受過伊斯蘭文化影響的地方都有手部彩繪,尤其在女性之中更盛行。現在很多印度與巴基斯坦的婚禮會做,我也在印尼看過小朋友愛漂亮去參加婚禮也做。古代則是有月經來怕引來邪靈而有避邪之說的功能。透過Henna植物的染料,把可蘭經經節自在手上也很常見。雖然伊斯蘭沒有發明經血污穢之說,而是閃米特族、美索布達米亞地區共有的傳統觀念,但加以改裝後出現了圖騰式的藝術,且在女性中特別常見。20世紀後因為很多西方名人如瑪丹娜使用因此而大為流行,變成一種身體藝術,但其實這項身體藝術早就好存在幾百年,遍佈北非、中東、南亞乃至伊斯蘭東南亞地區。 1. In traditional Islam, a menstruating woman was c onsidered vulnerable, weakened, and polluted;  therefore she could not pray, fast, or  have intercourse.  Menstrual blood was  najis , polluted,  … Continue reading

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Wonderful Dinner Time during Ramadan 齋戒月的歡樂晚餐時光


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Ethnographic tools!

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Gayle Rubin, political economy of sex quotes

Sex is sex, but what counts as sex is equally culturally determined and obtained. Every society also has a sex/gender system – a set of arrangements by which the biological … Continue reading

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Precolonial freedom of Algerian women

The Eloquence of Silence: Algerian Women in Question By Marnia Lazreg Lazzeg是研究阿爾及利亞殖民史與女性的社會學者。她警告讀者,當代法國研究關於前殖民時期的阿爾及利亞,由於對其文化與宗教的不熟悉,充滿了對於穆斯林的偏見,因此生產出來的旅行日記與研究文章都很有問題(而過去研究則是很稀疏)。因此她要重匯這個歷史,把更多女性的身影加進來,(其中公共澡堂讓人不斷想起英國大使館Montagu夫人在土耳其也有如此的驚艷)。 但「自由」總有在地的版本。總是與他者進行對語式辯證並在被殖民的境況中不斷重生的「在地」,著更大權力結構而進行的自我宣言。法農將阿爾及利亞戰爭時期的阿爾及利亞女性頭巾形容成是對法國殖民的「抗辯之骨」,在Lazreg的書中則反映在戴頭巾的阿爾及利亞女性參與大規模反法的示威遊行與罷工。衣著風格的政治化在Leila Ahmed對英國治理的埃及之分析異曲同工,但被重新賦予意義–或許過度賦予意義–的「傳統」,卻也延伸與複製殖民者認為「傳統」「冥頑不靈」的誤解。

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[Excerpt] Colonial Empire and French Identity

France has been a colonial empire, deeply involved in the slave trade, and has been countries of immigration for decades since the late 19th century  (Weil, 1991). Mirror, Mirror, Tell … Continue reading

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Modernity at Large summary Appadurai, Arjun. Modernity at Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalization. Appadurai, Arjun.  Modernity at Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalization.  Minneapolis: U of Minnesota P, 1996. Implicit in this book is … Continue reading

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Europe and the People without History Notes II

Commencing in the 1960s, Eric Wolf was already asking the “big question” of Jared Diamond’s masterpiece in the 1997 Guns, Germs, and Steel or the Yali’s Question: Why is it … Continue reading

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Europe and the People Without History notes I

copyright 1982, 1997 Preface: x A.D. 1400 as the initial dateline for the presentation ….that European expansion everywhere encountered human societies and cultures characterized by long and complex histories…”interlocked” [these … Continue reading

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Ethnographic study: Social network sites are “virtual campfires”

After five years participant observation, anthropologist Jenny Ryan has published her masters’ thesis about the social network sites Facebook, My Space and She created a beautiful web version of … Continue reading

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The point of Media Anthropology

Excerpt from John Postill’s article What’s the point of media anthropology. Faced with the cognitive contradictions of seeking to represent the divinities through figurative art, religious leaders in Israel, early … Continue reading

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Collections of Pre-modern Female Warriors

Taiwan Lowland Aborigines from 1590 “Manila Manuscript” Tamchuy (Tanshui) is a kingdom known for violent people. They decapitate enemies and decorate the skull with gold, and hang those in their … Continue reading

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Smug and Arrogant Atheism — liberals should be better than Bill Maher.

Just would you please read some works of anthropologists who have done decades of research, qualitative and quantitative, and who have lived with Muslims? Thanks for Ben Affleck. Harris, who … Continue reading

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a vast war within radical Islamist forces

The movement is led now by an elusive figure named Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Reflecting its expanding turf, A.Q.I. changed its name to the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham. Zawahiri … Continue reading

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