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Far-right discourses and the construction of “Muslim Problems“ in Europe.

主要都是學者的期刊文章或新聞評論文章,討論「將歐洲與伊斯蘭雙雙本質化且認為兩者無法共存、把歐洲穆斯林「移民」當成潛在社會威脅」的論述。已經觀察很多年,只是很少想過把他們整理起來。以後就慢慢加進來。只是剪貼簿。 Advertisements

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Berlin Mayor Election’s Cultural Racism: Raed Saleh’s “Grammatical Errors”

  What you hear is never OBJECTIVE and OUT THERE.Raed Saleh could be the next mayor of Berlin. Many journalists only care that he does not speak proper German, not … Continue reading

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