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Blue is the warmest color/ appropriate behavior/ the babadook

France. America. Australia. Unsophisticated banality. Not “gay” or “Persian” enough. Devastated motherhood (or even womanhood). Feminist in different ways. The most heartbroken one is “Blue”. So sad and true, with … Continue reading

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Breakers of Chains

  Yes. Totally identified. Small. Powerful. Ideas. Emancipation.  

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Real places for Miyazaki‘s fantastic scenes: Sweden, Taiwan, Fracne, and Japan.

作者:艾露貓 in 攝影文化, 潮日物報 Jiufen, New Taipei City, Taiwan Spirited Away  

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We are The East…

We are The East. And we are your wake up call. We are not hiding from you; we are you. We are the morning you got off the treadmill and … Continue reading

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Julia (1977) A feminist poem of the spy film genre

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故事大綱:蔡美秋(白明華 飾),今年72歲,在喪夫後不久的日子,開始輪流住在三 個孩子家,開朗的她老是將自己稱為「背包客」。在要坐火車去大兒子家的路上,卻遇見了22歲的自己。在三個兒子家中,她感到格格不入,快速變遷的家庭觀念、環保觀念、與青少年叛逆,都讓她孤單地只能回頭過來跟年輕的自己對話。

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TotallyAwesome Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival本屆台灣國際民族誌影展熱鬧滾滾

2013 Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival Selected Film List Ah! Want to see them so bad!

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Shoot the pianist by François Truffaut

The Funnist Truffaut. The male-centered loniless of life. The ganster mascuilinity. the pianist femininity ("la timidité") Yes, noir, yes Hollywood French New Wave version. David Ehrenstein : "A wild mixture … Continue reading

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Godess of Sitcom, Tina Fey

A nerdy witty show writer whose relationship history is a disaster, a crazy charismatic whining artist from the ghetto, an over-achiever elite asshole boss, a superficial dummy blondie jealous of … Continue reading

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The meaning of “once and future king”

Alright, I am really not a big fan of BBC Merlin. I don’t like the setting of "I am obvious a crazy bitch evil witch Morgana," or the characters of … Continue reading

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Melancholia [by Las von Trier]

Depression writ Large – planetary collision. This is Las van Tier’s most emotionally stable film, at least it seems to me. Although the feelings surrounding depression breakdowns are meant to … Continue reading

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the Exterminating Angel

Literty is a phantom. I’ve thought about that sincerely, and I believe it. Freedom is no more than a ghost of mist. Man can seek it out even believe he … Continue reading

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When Father was away on Business

這個小sleepwalker真是令人不得不想起The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari,不只是夢遊,還有獨裁政治的譬喻。

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