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angkringan jogja/nasi kuning


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Ramadan Special. Jogokaryan.

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To Stop ISIS in Indonesia, Target the Young and Reform Prisons Sent with Fast News Android ( )

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A homeless’ son becomes a President

News / Nasional Jokowi: Saya Lahir di Bantaran Sungai, Pernah Merasakan Tak Enaknya Hidup Susah Sabtu, 26 Juli 2014 | 19:44 WIB KRISTIANTO PURNOMO Presiden terpilih Joko Widodo menyapa simpatisannya … Continue reading

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Prabowo: a sharp critique by Desi

Instead of quietly and gracefully conceding — which would have been the most honorable thing to do, especially for a man of valor and a patriot as he always claims … Continue reading

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Javanese poem–pitakonku

Apa kowe padha karo atimu 是否你的心同我的心 Apa sregep makarya? 一樣勤奮地做工? inggih Punika kula rada peksa 是的就是我的這種蠻力 Abote ngupaya sega. 欲混飯吃的沈重 Atine manungsa kabeh padha atine manungsa isih lima kabeh dirungkebi … Continue reading

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Cultural Presentation of the Muslim Middle Class in Contemporary Indonesia

Originally posted on Moeflich Hasbullah: Antologi Pemikiran:
Moeflich Hasbullah (STUDIA ISLAMIKA, Indonesian Journal for Islamic Studies, UIN Jakarta, Volume 7, Number 2, 2000) __________________________________________________________ “It is as if the masses…

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JKW menang.

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Capres Pilpres 印尼大選Indo Presidental Election

It is estimated that Jokowi will have a slight lead with 3%, but that also means the risk of riots in some places might “automatically” be higher.明天估計Jokowi險勝3-4%,但若果真如此,可能會有某些地區有暴動。

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If Prabowo appears to some Westerners as ‘someone who “thinks like us” and talks like a Westerner’, it is because they mistakenly conflate Prabowo’s fluency in English and Western culture-speak … Continue reading

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