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the medicalization of religious diet reversed

隨著世界吃素(環保素、倫理素、宗教素、part-time vegetarian)風潮,吃素食會有健康問題的大反轉,是否可能從過去的病症化變成現在的療效化?其實兩者皆存在。那麼關於B-12的缺乏,現有哪些研究? (跟「排毒」是不同的哲學) 現在有科學研究證據(但請大家主義,科學知識不等於真理,因為科學知識每二十年都會差非常地多,真正的科學知識是指根據可以接受的科學方法得出來的暫時性結論,而非不容挑戰的真理)的只有一些。很多網路上流傳的謠言都很有趣,可惜都沒有標明出處與作者,無從考證。 Advertisements

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The Make-You-fat Drug, Wow

WOW. Okay, I totally don’t need this. But, it says something about people’s health, in a crazy way. I believe the answer is very complicated. And the question is difficult … Continue reading

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Is this vigina-tightening drug? What?!

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