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The Best Sufi Singer


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Avishai Cohen + Nitai Hershkovitz

Daniel Spicer 2012 If jazz is an art form based on surprise and discovery, spontaneity and intuition, then there’s something remarkably un-jazz-like about Israeli bassist Avishai Cohen’s 13th album. These … Continue reading

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Bizarre Love Triangle

Every time I think of you I feel shot right through with a bolt of blue It’s no problem of mine But it’s a problem I find Living a life … Continue reading

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屘舅公是2005時,曾經因為土地坍塌被26小時活埋後,奇蹟生還的挖井師傅。當時此工安事件因為事態嚴重,還有上新聞。今天屘舅公與三舅公來探視阿嬤,屘舅公說,小時候,阿嬤很照顧他。 阿嬤原本是九個兄弟姐妹中的第五個,前面有兩個哥哥兩個姊姊。前面的大哥自從當了日本兵去了南洋後還沒回來,老二也當兵,大姨婆二姨婆都嫁人了,反而變成 阿嬤是家中大姐。因為家裡需要人力,阿嬤很晚才嫁人,以當時的年紀來說,二十多歲還沒嫁,就會被人笑要做「繼母」。阿嬤婚前就種很多田,比如甘蔗園,收成 很好,很勤快,真作,還去兼差參加靠近台中南邊的南門橋工程,原本是吊橋,要改建成水泥。聽說,當時的土木工程很多都是女人在做的。只要「骨力」就可以 做。阿嬤約莫148公分的嬌小身軀,居然也去做工程。 阿嬤做工程時,女的阿祖派當時只有五六歲的屘舅公送便當去給她吃,還交代他:「如果大姐問你有沒有有吃,你要說你吃飽了」,言下之意就是不準屘舅公偷吃阿 媽的便當。屘舅公就乖乖地從大里走到現在的中興大學附近,等阿嬤中午休息吃便當。阿嬤問屘舅公吃飽沒,他乖乖地說吃飽了,但是他就眼睛金金地一直看著阿嬤 的便當,年紀小也不覺得害臊。 其實那個便當裡,只有白飯與九層塔炒蛋。兩種東西,沒有別的。 阿嬤看屘舅公一副很想吃的樣子,就說,「這乎你呷」。 結果,每次便當的菜,其實都是五歲的屘舅公在吃的,阿嬤只有吃白飯。 六十多年過去了,阿嬤八十八歲,躺在病房裡,無法說話,也張不開眼睛。屘舅公對我說,「我後來想,感覺三姊對我這累小弟真正是真照顧。」 三舅公一直忘記大家的名字,也忘記誰是誰。不過很認真地要我們把所有名字都寫在他的行事曆上面。 然後下午四點多,他們一起唱阿嬤童年時教他們唱的日本歌。屘舅公說,阿嬤無意中交會他浦島太郎的歌,自己也沒發現,等到有天屘舅公唱給她聽,她才問說:「你怎麼也會這首?」他說,「你甲我教ㄟ啊!」屘舅公不懂歌詞的意思,阿嬤就解釋給他聽: 浦島太郎          作曲 三宅延齡      作詞:石原和三郎 一、むかしむかし うらしま 昔昔、   浦島は           很久很久以前浦島太郎   たす  かめ つ   助けた龜に連れられて       被他所救的海龜   りゅうぐうじょう  き  み        龍宮城へ   來て見れば   帶去龍宮裡遊玩       え       うつく … Continue reading

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120th Anniversary Gala. Carnegie. 2011.

Performers Audra McDonald, Vocalist Emanuel Ax, Piano Gil Shaham, Violin New York Philharmonic Alan Gilbert, Music Director and Conductor Yo-Yo Ma, Cello Program DVORÁK Carnival Overture, Op. 92 BEETHOVEN Triple … Continue reading

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Ironbound/ Fancy Poultry on Solitude Standing (1987) .

In the ironbound section near Avenue L where the Portuguese women come to see what you sell the clouds so low the morning so slow as the wires cut through … Continue reading

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“Good Woman”

“Good Woman” I want to be a good woman And I want for you to be a good man. This is why I will be leaving And this is why … Continue reading

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Redemption song

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery 把你被奴役的心解放出來 None but ourselves can free our minds 只有我們能釋放自己的心 Have no fear for atomic energy 不要懼怕那強權的武器 ‘Cause none of them can stop the time 因為無人能阻擋時間演進 … Continue reading

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竇唯 哪兒的事兒

這裡堆放著病變的木製稜角 接收天線 上面還有反駁嗎 書騎在了反駁的上面

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Buck, MK Asante, Professor and a hip hop poet

A blank sheet of paper, saved my life. Everybody had a story. I am everyone, everywhere. — MK Asante.

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And darling, I’ve watched you cake-walk to the Immaculate Conception for far too long

When it comes to love, there’s a fire in the deep end of my heart, givin’ me the Heebie-Jeebies. Ya see, I know the land of wood and waters, merely … Continue reading

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How to Teach Erving Goffman in 3 mins

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Swimming Elephants

SEA Indie focuses on the twee and cutesy end of the indie-pop market and has a refreshingly simple mission statement; “To unite and promote the great indie scenes in the … Continue reading

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If we stayed in Detroit longer.

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