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Wonderful Dinner Time during Ramadan 齋戒月的歡樂晚餐時光


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deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) techniques

The fat and protein composition, or volatile compounds. DNA methods are very specific and sensitive and they can be even used for highly processed materials, because DNA molecules are very … Continue reading

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Jenny Marx, who gave up aristocracy to spread Marx’s revolutionary thoughts

5 Fascinating Facts About Karl Marx’s Wife The woman behind the man who made a huge impact. Published on March 12, 2012 by Susan K. Perry, Ph.D. in Creating in … Continue reading

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書名:《科技渴望社會》 出版社:群學出版有限公司 出版日期:2004.10 主編:吳嘉苓、傅大為、雷祥麟 編譯:台灣科技與社會網絡計畫群 本書簡介 透過這些 STS 研究的洞察,科技不僅不再是隔離於社會之外的象牙塔,反而成為現代社會中型塑性別、國族、階級、民主、日常生活、親密關係與自我認同的權力中心,而且也經 常反為這些社會力量所導引與型塑。這一點可能是 STS 觀點中,最違反常識而令人費解之處:正是在深入最「純粹技術性」的實驗室與科學實作之後,我們才明白科技是如何地充滿著「社會與政治」意涵,而且何以我們 對這些意涵往往視而不見。由此看來, STS 使科技的歷史不再只是科技英雄的光榮史詩,而是與所有活在科技社會中的人們切身相關的動人故事。 目錄 ◎致謝/ 吳嘉苓 ◎代序:相互渴望的科技與社會/ 雷祥麟 ◎美國的電氣化過程/Thomas P. Hughes  ◎直線進步或交引纏繞/Bruno Latour  ◎查爾斯.史諾/David Edgerton ◎技術物有政治性嗎?/Langdon Winner  ◎論醫學宇宙觀中病人的消失, … Continue reading

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lunar calendar, or when to stop Ramadan fasting

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STS and Ontology

  Crucial in all this was the work of Donna Haraway (even if she did not particularly use the word ontology). Read it all – or pick out what seems … Continue reading

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Origins of Alientaed Leisure — the slaughter house

In Paris, at the turn of the 20th century, sightseers were given tours of the sewers, the morgue, a slaughterhouse, a tobacco factory, the government printing office….and the supreme court … Continue reading

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“Dear Emily,” the letter says, and you don’t wan to go on

Women scientists facing outrageous sexism on a daily basis.

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Sponsorship perverts science

Useful quotes from Prof. Marion Nestle it was wishful thinking to assume that companies that make their money selling soda and chips as well as water, juice and oatmeal could … Continue reading

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Cotton and Corn: The Failure of Humanity

The worldwide crisis over food prices is the direct result of the decision, made by the Bush administration in 2006, to begin feeding large quantities of American corn to American … Continue reading

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#Adderall: Positionality and Ethics in Social Media Research

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A Manifesto for Religious Cyborgs

Note: the cylon hybrid– a.k.a “that schizophrenic lady in the murky tub”–acted almost as an oracle or a prophet, spouting half-nonsense, half-Jesus-Christ-monkey-balls revelations. (see Fangirls) I want to show how thoroughly … Continue reading

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the medicalization of religious diet reversed

隨著世界吃素(環保素、倫理素、宗教素、part-time vegetarian)風潮,吃素食會有健康問題的大反轉,是否可能從過去的病症化變成現在的療效化?其實兩者皆存在。那麼關於B-12的缺乏,現有哪些研究? (跟「排毒」是不同的哲學) 現在有科學研究證據(但請大家主義,科學知識不等於真理,因為科學知識每二十年都會差非常地多,真正的科學知識是指根據可以接受的科學方法得出來的暫時性結論,而非不容挑戰的真理)的只有一些。很多網路上流傳的謠言都很有趣,可惜都沒有標明出處與作者,無從考證。

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