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Along Together, and then Break Up 2.0

Two books that can start and end a Digital Anthro course. Yay! Advertisements

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Sponsorship perverts science

Useful quotes from Prof. Marion Nestle it was wishful thinking to assume that companies that make their money selling soda and chips as well as water, juice and oatmeal could … Continue reading

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Cotton and Corn: The Failure of Humanity

The worldwide crisis over food prices is the direct result of the decision, made by the Bush administration in 2006, to begin feeding large quantities of American corn to American … Continue reading

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#Adderall: Positionality and Ethics in Social Media Research

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黃雨屠殺事件真相? TruthS about Yellow Rain? And Tangents

The racism of science: RadioLab Yellow Rain Controversyalso interesting how in the following story, the guy with the mysterious crazy friend, he is allowed to just present an "emotional truth" … Continue reading

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