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如何讓他們集體殺人Khmer Rouge

Of all the horrors human beings perpetrate, genocide stands near the top of the list. Its toll is staggering: well over 100 million dead worldwide. Why Did They Kill? is … Continue reading

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當蘇哈托還是印尼共和國的總統時,影片「叛國的930運動」是最重要的政令宣傳片。自從該片設置以來,每年的九月三十日晚上全國所有電視台都必須要播放這部電影。這部片的內容記載的是新秩序政府官方歷史中關於1965年在雅加達所發生的930事件。 這個事件最後的收場是政權轉移,從蘇卡諾到蘇哈托手中。關於這個事件的記載印尼國內與美國都有很多爭議與辯論。

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Bali’s mass killings of 1965, or why I don’t like surfing the East coast — what happened exactly anyhow? Part 4 (and last)

Originally posted on Bali and Indo Surf Stories:
Part the First Part the Second Part the Third The Communist Party of Indonesia, or the PKI, put considerable effort into the…

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